Oct 08 2019

If you are an avid social media user, or maybe you just like keeping up with the news, then you would already be aware of the game changer Facebook and Instagram have introduced – the removal of the like count. If you weren’t sure, here is a quick catch up: across the two social media platforms, users can no longer view the like count on other people’s posts, only viewing their own counts.

This of course, has sent aspiring and established social media influencers alike in a spiral. For people who live off post engagement, being able to showcase their obtained likes is key to establishing their presence online. So of course, this being taken away has people worried it will impact their post performances. With many people coming forward and criticising Facebook’s big change-up, it is important to consider why this action is a positive milestone for the company.

Curious to know why Facebook and Instagram have taken away the like counts? Keep reading!

Getting rid of validation

The main drive behind Facebook and Instagram removing likes across both social media giants is that people won’t rely on their like count to feel validated. Many people across both Facebook and Instagram will delete a post if they feel it didn’t reach the number of likes they desired, instead re-posting at a later time to drive further engagement.

The overall goal in this move is to limit the vanity factor behind posting and to make the social media sites more about the posts rather then the likes and engagement itself. In a day and age where people can easily get caught up in the craze of social media, it is important that such big giants are redefining their purpose and looking out for the mental state and perspective of their users.

To narrow down on negativity

One of the benefits and reasons behind making likes invisible is that it helps limit any negativity the feature may had brought to the platforms. Not only does it crack down on the sense of competition people may get from looking at competitors and rivals, but other people won’t be able to see how a specific user is going.

Consequently, not being able to monitor likes will help fight against any bullying that could stem from lack of engagement on a picture or post. In a digital age where everything is accessible at a touch of a finger, bullying can be formed from the simplest thing such as limited likes on a selfie, meaning the removal of likes can help limit these issues. Not only is this important for influencers, but it is also crucial for children.

To reduce self-esteem issues

Not to mention, taking away this feature not only helps remove the need for validation, but it also helps boost one’s self-esteem. By taking away likes, one cannot see how others do and in hand, can’t compare their posts to another’s. This will reduce any chances of them feeling down because someone reached a higher number than they did. As they say, ignorance is definitely bliss.

Furthermore, by not showing likes, people are more inclined to post more compared to when they did when likes were visible. This is because likes are not as relevant, and people can post things they might have doubted earlier. These will take out the competition and cause less pressure around getting results and more content posted regardless of engagement.

Now that we have discussed the positives, it is easy to see why the social media platforms have made such a big decision and why it is actually helping users, rather than tarnishing their experience. But don’t stress! This won’t impact your engagement if you know the right strategies. With out team on your side, your social media will stay relevant and engaging.

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